Monday, 1 September 2014


I'm currently trying to colour in an old animation/ start a new animation so I figured i'd post some sketchbook rubbish to fill in some space in between projects :D If there are any professionals looking at these I can only apologise for this dreadful mess of a post.
Also please hire me.


Hold up it's an actual animation! The only slither of work i'm even vaguely happy with from my 2d Year Final Project. And a test at that. You should be happy I'm even uploading this you ungrateful swines.

I thought I may as well show you some of the little work i've actually been payed to do.

This is a book cover I did yonkss ago. It's called "Rude Awakenings" by Jonathan Eaves. Check that shizzle out yo:

This is one I actually did for my father, the story of his life as from a miner in his childhood to the worker strikes in the 80s. Here's a review of the book:

Now for some actual serious super classy naked people (politely ignore the doodles around them. I get bored easily)

I can't draw feet/ hands/ limbs/ faces. So sorry about that.

I'm pretty good at snakes now though!

Now for the silliness....

I was messing around with proportions of life drawing poses in this photo, my aim pretty much being to make it all weird and gross. And oh boy am I good at that!

Just some silly little concepts doodles for a few ideas I had. Too many goofy characters, far too little story making skills to lump them together. Woe is me.

I can't even explain this page. Just keep on scrolling.

This was a charming group charicature my imagination threw up for some terrible reason. Isn't it fabulous?

So Yeah! Hopefully next update I will have done some actual animation! Which would be nice wouldn't it? It's in the title of my blog and everything.


Bonus sexy picture:

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

2D Year Major Project Pre-Production

Sorry guys and gals for taking this long to upload my Major Project stuff, but oh well, you're not the boss of me! get out of my face.

I decided for my final Second Year project to do a showreel, mainly so I could do a variety of interesting animations loosly based around of characters. My forte isn't exactly narrative structure, so I had a lot of fun faffing around with character designs without having to think of a storyline.

Here are some of them for the pleasure of your eyeholes...

I messed around with a few ideas as to what sort of context I could put into the characters. As tempting as making a talking toilet was, I was encouraged to go for a more solid construction design. The final list of characters consisted of the crusty old scientist, the moose butler, the hunchbacked female maid, and the pug. Oh lord, the pug.

Hell yeah. Pugs.

The final design for the professor was very much inspired by the style of the regular show,  with a spindly stick body and a ridiculously balooned head.

This is the final turnaround

                                                     Onwards to the animating!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Minor Character Project

2 posts in 1 day? Aren't you lucky...

In our second project we were given drawings sumbimtted by primary school children, who drew characters based on sound clips. We were then given the drawings and had to make a design and animation based on it. The drawing I recieved was a bit perplexing, but I came up with a design I liked quite quickly. I may have been mocking the child's skill in proportions when I designed this.

The biggest challenge for me was how to move the character with the unusual proportions i've given him.

The final animation was screened for the children in the uni. The kids didn't throw food at the screen when mine came on so I call that a result.

Module 1

Hello darlings, did you miss me?

Thought I may as well mass dump all my work so far in 2d year

I was definetly not a fan of this project. Storyboarding is not something I can have fun with at all.
I won't submit you to the horror that is my advertisement storyboard, but I was vaguely happy about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Storyboards

Enjoy! ;)